This event happened on March 6

Ganges Mahamudra: Heart Advice on the Key Points of Mahamudra - Part 2

with Tergar Guides Tim Olmsted and Kunsang Palmo


March 6, 13, 20, 27

  • March 6:
    1:00–2:30pm EST (New York)
    7:00-8:30pm CET (Berlin)
  • March 13-27:
    2:00-3:30pm EDT (New York)
    7:00–8:30pm CET (Berlin)

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Who can attend this event?

This program is open to everyone.
Note: You can attend this program even if you did not attend Part 1 earlier this year.


This event will be offered in English only.

"Do not consider certain mental experiences as good and worth cultivating and other experiences as hindrances that need to be abandoned. If you can develop this attitude, your mind will gradually be emptied of its unconscious contents: The karmic traces and dispositions and all the obscurations." — Tilopa

In this 4-week workshop led by Tim Olmsted and Kunsang Palmo, we will continue to explore the famous Mahamudra text The Ganges Mahamudra, by the Kagyu forefather and yogi Tilopa. Mahamudra is considered the highest teaching of Vajrayana Buddhism, leading the student to a direct recognition of their own true nature. This profound approach to awakening is rooted in the understanding that buddhahood is not a goal to be achieved but an immanent reality that we can recognize in the present moment. The Ganges Mahamudra belongs to the genre of songs of realization, in which teachings on the nature of mind are sung by the teacher in order to spark the students’ recognition of their own enlightened nature.


If you are interested in Mahamudra and want to deepen your understanding of it, this event is for you! Tim Olmsted and Kunsang Palmo’s personal experiences will spark inspiration and curiosity to explore this amazing path. In particular, if for any reason you are unable to participate in Tergar’s Immersion courses on The Ganges Mahamudra in Vajrayana Online, this is an excellent opportunity to take part in the teachings.


In this program, you will learn:

  • about the core principles of Mahamudra
  • about the last 15 verses of The Ganges Mahamudra, focusing primarily on the practice and meditation of Mahamudra
  • meditation techniques for simply resting in awareness itself


  • Teachings with Tergar guides
  • Live Q&A with Tergar guides
  • Large and small group discussions
  • Guided meditation practices


This program is open to everyone.

Note: You can attend this program even if you did not attend Part 1 earlier this year.

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About Tim Olmsted

Tim Olmsted is a Tergar Instructor with decades of experience teaching meditation. He began his Buddhist studies in 1977; in 1981 he moved to Kathmandu to study with Mingyur Rinpoche’s father, Tulku Urgyen Rinpoche. During the twelve years that he lived in Nepal, Tim studied with many of the renowned meditation teachers living there and worked as a psychotherapist serving the international community. Tim is one of the founders and senior instructors of the Tergar Meditation Community, for which he regularly travels around the world leading retreats and teaches online. He lives with his wife Glenna in Steamboat Springs, Colorado, where he leads an active community that follows Mingyur Rinpoche’s teachings and those of his family lineage. Tim is the founder and president of the Pema Chödrön Foundation. He is known for the down-to-earth warmth, practicality, and humor of his approach to teaching meditation. 

About Kunsang Palmo

Originally from England, Tsunma Kunsang Palmo spent over a decade as an art teacher in international schools worldwide. She encountered Tibetan Buddhism during a trip to Kathmandu and chose to stay in India and Nepal and immerse herself in the dharma. She served Jetsunma Tenzin Palmo for several years and went on to complete a three-year retreat at Sherabling Monastery under the guidance of Mingyur Rinpoche.

Kunsang is a guide for Tergar’s Joy of Living and Vajrayana Online courses, the Tergar Meditation Teacher Program, and is a faculty member at the Tergar Institute which offers experiential and applied courses in Tibetan Buddhism. In 2021 she was invited to teach in Antigua and Trinidad for Bodhicharya, founded by Ringu Tulku Rinpoche. She now divides her time between Tergar Osel Ling Monastery in Kathmandu and the Caribbean.