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Introduction to the Mahamudra Path:

Tergar’s Buddhist Practices with Tergar Guides


This event takes place April 15, 2023. View in your local time.


Registration will close 1 hour in advance of the event. Full refunds will be given for cancellation requests up to 1 hour in advance of the event.

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This program is open to everyone.


Translation from English will be offered in Chinese, French, German, Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish


A recording of the webinar will be posted within 72 hours after the webinar and be available up to 2 months after the event ends.

All phenomena of cyclic existence or transcendence, Included within both appearance and mind, Have no reality whatsoever and (therefore) Arise in any way whatsoever. — Jamgön Kongtrul Lodro Thaye

Mahamudra is known as a swift path to enlightenment, with powerful methods to  help us recognize the true nature of our minds. Traditionally, one sets out on this path with what are known as ngondro or “foundational practices.” Tergar’s Path of Liberation program uses the foundational practices as a container while emphasizing the nature of mind practices. This webinar is an introduction and overview of these practices and Tergar’s two Path of Liberation tracks: ngondro and Nectar of the Path — a practice composed by Mingyur Rinpoche himself for the Tergar Community.


Do you feel drawn to Buddhist practices but don’t know where to begin or learn more about Mahamudra tradition? This webinar aims to demystify Tergar’s Path of Liberation for those who are curious and serve as a helpful first step for those who feel ready to enter this path. 


In this program, you will learn about:

  • the Path of Liberation in Vajrayana Buddhism
  • the two Path of Liberation tracks within Tergar: Nectar of the Path and Ngondro
  • elements of Path of Liberation practice
  • the structure of a typical practice session
  • Path of Liberation levels and practice requirements


  • An overview of the Path of Liberation by Tergar guides
  • Guided meditation practice
  • Q&A


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Full refunds will be given for cancellation requests up to 1 hour in advance of the event.
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Meet your instructor

Tim Olmsted is a Tergar Instructor with decades of experience teaching meditation. He began his Buddhist studies in 1977; in 1981 he moved to Kathmandu to study with Mingyur Rinpoche’s father, Tulku Urgyen Rinpoche. During the twelve years that he lived in Nepal, Tim studied with many of the renowned meditation teachers living there and worked as a psychotherapist serving the international community. Tim is one of the founders and senior instructors of the Tergar Meditation Community, for which he regularly travels around the world leading retreats and teaches online. He lives with his wife Glenna in Steamboat Springs, Colorado, where he leads an active community that follows Mingyur Rinpoche’s teachings and those of his family lineage. Tim is the founder and president of the Pema Chödrön Foundation. He is known for the down-to-earth warmth, practicality, and humor of his approach to teaching meditation. 

About Kunsang Palmo

Tsunma Kunsang Palmo met Mingyur Rinpoche in 2006 and became his committed student in 2008. After immersing herself in the practice of meditation at Sherabling Monastery in 2014 Kunsang Palmo recognized the benefits and consequently responded to the requests of young international travelers by facilitating the Dharamsala Tergar group in North India. She now lives in North India where she continues her practice and hosts a Tergar group. She hopes that her committed approach to her life and work, inspired by Mingyur Rinpoche’s teachings, brings some benefit to others.